Our sandwiches all tastes with burgers, chicken cutlet, fish, hot dogs. Want to know one by one?

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Our extensive menu includes both meat and fish and is suitable for every occasion from lunch to dinner, birthdays and more.

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Come and experience our new tasting menu, the new tex mex tyle room, with delicious dishes and tasty treats!!

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Are you interested in the idea of opening a franchise under the brand Buburger? Enter the section and fill out the contact form.

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Welcome to the siteIntroducing our staff...

Buburger born from the idea of being able to create a timeless place where the adolescent child, from parent to grandparent, can enjoy quality food prepared with fresh daily products able to satisfy all tastes.

This raises Buburger fast food restaurant - which has everything to where you can wander among the dearest, quality meats and Mexican!

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Buburger di Mirisola Stefano & C. S.n.c. - Piazza XX Settembre, 26 - 61032 Fano (PU) - P.IVA 02427490418